5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color

Your front door says a lot about you.  It is a vital detail which makes your exterior paint job stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.  It should inspire you and give your guests a preview into the world inside.

The traditional black, forest green and red front door paint colors are being replaced with a vibrant array of fresh, new colors.  These bold shades will secretly give your whole house a new look by simply painting the front door.

Think Outside the Color Box

Follow these recommendations and you will make a great color choice that you will love for many years to come:


1)                  Your front door should be bold and dramatic.  Most people hear the world “bold” and they automatically associate it with a dark shade.  Oftentimes light colors will create the boldest impact of all.  Be sure to consider both light and dark tones that contrast with the main body color of your home.


2)                  Do not make your door color an exact match to your shutters.  Select a color that complements the rest of your home, yet provides real contrast.  The front door should grab your attention and visually pull you into the house.  Think unique and bold, yet complimentary.


3)                  Consider how you want to feel when you look at the front door of your house.  Do you want the ambience to be casual and inviting or strong and sophisticated?  Which colors make you feel this way?


4)                  Drive through your neighborhood and take photos of the doors you like and the doors you don’t like.  Then go home and pick a new color that you haven’t seen on anyone’s door!  Again, think fresh and bold, but complimentary.


5)                  Take a photograph of your home, upload it to your computer or mobile device and use a “color visualizer” to insert a variety of door colors.  An easy-to-use free visualizer can be found at:





3 Trendy Door Color Selections from Sherwin-Williams


Sherwin-Williams “Wild Current” SW7583

Feeling: Mysterious

Evokes Images of: Wine

Undertones: Raisin, Gray, Brown

Sherwin-Williams “Gulfstream” SW6768

Feeling: Relaxation

            Evokes Images of: Beach Vacations, Peacock Feathers

            Undertones: Turquoise, Emerald, Deep Blue

Sherwin-Williams “Daisy” SW6910

Feeling: Warmth and Cheerful

            Evokes Images of: Summertime, Lemons

            Undertones: Yellow, Snow White

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