About MDF Customer Service Painting Managers

People asked me “what is the customer service manager? What is that all about?” For us it’s your personal painting concierge. The customer service manager is basically someone on our staff that is making sure that you always get an MDF experience. From checking on the job, to communicating with the customer, to making sure that every day we’re implementing plus ones – things that we do to try to get raving fans from past customers. They could be as simple as helping you carry in the groceries if we see you come home with that. Bringing your garbage cans back up to the house if it’s early in the morning or putting your newspaper from your lawn onto your front porch. Little things like that say “we care about you.” That says “we care about your house.” That says “we want to treat you like family.” So for us, our customer service manager is just one extra person we have that is there to just cater to your needs and help you in any way that we can.

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