Best Practices For Painting Employee Training

Employee training is one of the most important things in any industry. But for the painting industry it’s especially important.

Experience is important but the attitude that says “I want to learn, I want to grow, I want to become better.” That’s the most important thing we look for when we hire painters and when we train them. MDF does a weekly tailgate training. This is basically some simple tips that are best practices in the industry. This helps our painters become more efficient and professional.

We also have a monthly safety module. This is not OSHA 10 related or for guys who already have their OSHA 10. They’ve already gone through all that training with MDF. This is something we do to go above and beyond. Often times these events are sponsored by our insurance companies. They help us become safer and safer and safer. You can never be too safe when you’re working on a customers home or business.

The next thing we do is painting crew leader training. We have a specific year-long module of crew leader training that deals with managing other painters, how to manage a costumer, and how to complete a job according to MDF standards. That’s something we’re very proud of. It takes a year to really go through our training program. Our crew leaders that have been with us for 10 years have gone through quite a bit. We believe that repetition is the mother of skill and that it’s important to constantly go over the same thing. It really ingrains the principles in you.

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