Clear Your Cluttered Gutters!

Before fall and winter storms hit, you should be sure that all your gutters and downspouts are clear of any debris that can block the flow of water.  Clear the debris with your hands – be sure to wear gloves! You may be tempted to use your garden hose to remove material from the gutter, however this may cause the debris to clump together and clog the gutter system. 

Once the larger debris is gone, you may notice that the gutter interiors are coated with dirt, shingle granules, and other debris.  You can scrape this out using a putty knife, your fingers, or a similar tool. 

When your gutters and downspouts are free of dirt, debris, and residue, run water through your entire gutter system to make sure that it’s draining properly.

Installing metal covers can help to keep out any animals that may be seeking winter shelter in your cozy attic.

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