Connecticut’s Longest Exterior Paint Warranty

At MDF Painting we feel that our exterior paint warranty is really the main thing that separates us from most of our competition. Why do I say that? The paint warranty really begins in the preparation of the job. When we do a painting job on your house, we know that we’ll be providing a warranty that is longer than anyone else in Connecticut. This is going to run anywhere from 3 to 4 years up to 10 years in some cases on a residential repainting project.

When you deal with harsh New England weather, drastic temperature changes and damage that your house undergoes, the preparation work really has to be perfect in order for us to stand by our warranty. So you see why it starts in the preparation stage and continues throughout our relationship.

Another important part of our painting warranty is our annual job checkups. If you call us we will send out a representative to check and inspect your exterior paint every single year. This allows us to be in it together. We’re both standing on the same side trying to protect your investment and make it last as long as possible. If we can catch something small in the early stages, we can do a little bit of preparation work, get that patched up and have your house last potentially years longer from our paint job. In some cases pressure washing will help extend the lifetime of the paint coating.

So all of these little things happen when we do an annual inspection. MDF Painting is very proud of these annual checkups and it’s something that I think makes us an obvious choice when it comes to exterior painting projects.

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