DIY Professional Interior Paint Job

Attention Homeowners! It’s time for Step #3 to help you DIY and achieve a professional, long-lasting, quality paint job!

Last week we shared some ins-and-outs on how to protect your floors before you begin painting. Now let’s get PAINTING!

Ever wonder where you should start? Here’s the best way to tackle the first day of an interior painting project:

1. Lay drop cloths and tape edges.

2. Remove everything from the walls and ceilings including light fixture covers, picture hangers, nails and outlet cover plates. Mask light fixture bases with plastic bags and tape.
Be safe: Don’t turn on a light if you wrapped and covered the bulb.

3. Apply stain killer over old water stains. For minor stains use a quick-dry stain sealer.

4. Sand and clean the woodwork. Sanding doesn’t only smooth out scratches, dents and dings. It lightly roughens smooth, hard surfaces so paint adheres better. Note: A deglosser works faster and better on hard varnishes, especially if they are greasy

5. Prime the woodwork. Prime smaller trim such as casings, base and door jambs with a 2-in. brush. Roll doors with a 7-in. wide, 1/4-in. nap roller sleeve on a 7-in. roller frame.

6. Roll out a coat on the ceiling. Use a 9-in. wide, 3/4-in. nap roller sleeve on a 9-in. roller frame.

7. Sand, fill and caulk the woodwork.

8. Cut-in and roll out a second coat on the ceiling. TIP: Drag a flat screwdriver around the edges of the ceiling to make a thin line of texture. This will make crisp paint lines when you’re cutting in the wall paint later on along the ceiling.

9. Paint the woodwork. Now that the primer is dry, brush the first coat of latex trim paint onto the woodwork. Use a 2-in. brush, and roll doors with a 1/4-in. nap roller.

Call it a day and go reward yourself for all your hard work!

Good luck!

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