Don’t Let Algae Eat Your House!

If you are like most New Englanders, your house is one of the most important investments in your lifetime.

Maintaining your home’s exterior is vital, not only for “curb appeal,” but also for keeping minor damage from becoming a costly repair in the future.

Homes that are dirty and poorly-maintained are an eyesore to your neighbors–they bring down property values for the entire community.

The extreme seasonal temperature changes and humid summer days of New England make mold and algae growth a constant concern.

Roofs and siding often develop unsightly marks from “Gloeocapsa magma,” an algae that is especially common along the east coast of the US.

Initially, these patches and streaks have a blue-green tinge, but as the algae dies and decays, these marks turn black.

If left untreated, invasive lichen will grow from the mold and algae deposits.

The lichen is very difficult to remove and will worsen the condition of your roof and siding, shortening their longevity.

Pressure washing is one way to remove the dirt and algae on your home, but working with a professional can be invaluable.

A high-pressure power washer can strip your home’s exterior paint or make nicks, holes and scratches in your siding.

Also, using the wrong cleansing solutions can cause roofing to deteriorate early.

MDF Painting and Power Washing offers low-pressure, biodegradable power washes that keep your home in pristine condition without harming the environment.

Your pets and children will be safe and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

MDF Painting and Power Washing is the premier pressure washing and painting service in Connecticut, with over twenty years experience and a high customer satisfaction ranking.

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