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Here we are at a house in Westport, Connecticut. It’s right on the water. This is a home repaint job that was in pretty bad shape. When you look at the before footage you’ll see that there was a ton of peeling paint. We spent about 4 full day just electric sanding here. I’ll just scan the front for you and I’ll bring you around to the other sides.

This was painted using Sherwin-Williams products. The finish coat is in duration. It’s paint, not a solid stain. It’s got great tone to it. It came out really, really nice. It’s sharp with the white trim.

I’ll bring you around the back side and the far side, which had the most peeling. You’ll be able to take a good look. We also did the deck itself. You can see there’s still some blue tape strips down there. There were a couple more touch ups to do and some extra sanding in one little spot to complete it. Then we’ll take down the blue tape.

We did the trim here. You can see the back side had quite a bit of peeling up at the top, which we took care of. Here we are on the far side. This was completely stripped to the bare wood – this whole section. It’s a lot of exposure being right on the water.

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