The Importance Of Communicating With Your Customer

Communication for us at MDF Painting is the most important thing that we do. From the minute that we give you an estimate, we communicate. We know how long it takes to do our work. So we are able to communicate price and actual scope of work to you. We also communicate about the different painting materials that will be used.

So that’s the first way that we communicate with our customers. After that we always follow up with our leads. The reason we follow up is not so that we land every single job. It’s so that we make sure that you’re making the most informed decision. MDF Painting may be the right choice for you and it may not be. We want to help you and be part of that conversation when you’re deciding to hire a Connecticut painter. At the very least you’re going to be better informed and you’re going to end up with exactly what you want.

So communication is key in the follow up days. Once you decide to hire MDF Painting then the communication really ramps up. Our office reaches out to you and we have a whole process. Our job planning packet helps you prepare for us to be on site and helps us get you familiar with the schedule. From there, we have a pre-job meeting where we setup the job, daily check-ins, assign you a customer service manager and make sure your painting crew leader is checking in with you – just to let you know what’s happening and answering any questions.

Before we finish the job we have a formal meeting. Our post-job meeting is where we inspect the finished product and talk about are paint touch up policies. We also talk about our warranty policies. We also label all the left over painting material and leave it for you. For us our post-job meeting is not the end. It’s really the beginning. It’s the end of that specific job but it’s also the beginning of a long-lasting relationship.

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