Integrity – Creating Raving Fans Is Our Goal

Integrity for MDF Painting is a moral compass for the company. Integrity is based on certain core values that are derived from our business model – from Boston Colleges model actually – that is basically producing men and women for others.

I think what our company strives to do every day is produce a team that is really looking to serve. What do I mean by that? The most important person that we serve is our customer. And we don’t want to just have happy customers, we want raving fan customers. So for us, number one, is serving the customer. Number two is really serving our employees. Our crew leaders are great because they feel appreciated, valued and have room to grow and become better at what they do. So pride, not only in helping our customers but also in helping our crew leaders and our employees, is very important to MDF Painting.

The third element for us is service to our community. As a group we do a lot of different things internally to help the community – from food drives and our famous Thanksgiving turkey fun racer to habitat for humanity and helping in any way we can. Sometimes on a small scale, sometimes on a larger scale in the community.

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