Is My Home Ready to Host a Summer BBQ?

Summer is here and it is time to enjoy the outdoors!

Is your paint’s exterior in the right condition to host a BBQ?

Here are a few indicators that will tell you it is time to paint:

Slight Peeling and Cracking

We know that your house looks good from 5 feet away, but have you carefully inspected every inch of your siding?

You may find very small areas of chipping, peeling or cracking on your trim and siding.

These initial signs of deterioration, usually as small as the size of a nickel, expose the wood underneath.

This is an early warning sign that your top coat of paint is no longer protecting the wood from rain, wind, and sun.

Paint protects your wood in the same way that your skin protects your body.  If your skin is cut or damaged the tissue beneath will be affected.  Similarly, when the top coat of paint breaks down the wood beneath will start to deteriorate.


Take a kitchen sponge and soak it in hot water, then scrub the sponge on your siding.

When you rub along your painted surfaces, do you see a chalk-like residue stick to the sponge?

This is called chalking and it is a sign that your top coat is oxidizing from exposure.

It may be time to repaint; new paint will never leave a lot of film behind.


Mildew will look like little dark spores and/or grey spots on the paint.

If left on the surface of your home, mildew spores will wreak havoc on your top coat of paint.

The spores will grow in the nooks and crannies of your paint skin and it will cause the paint job to break down at a faster rate.

A professional painter will let you know if a simple and cost efficient power washing is enough mildew maintenance for that particular year.

Mildew can easily be removed with a professional pressure wash, although sometimes it will require a new coat of paint to keep your home protected.

A top quality paint will have a mildewcide as part of the formula, which will help deter future growth.


Caulk failure is one of the most frequently overlooked problems for homeowners.  Once caulk dries, cracks and separates from the wood, it will cause a host of future issues:

  1. Loss of energy efficiency from the inside of your home to the outside.
  2. Weather, like rain and wind, will enter your home where caulk has failed.
  3. Insects and critters will enter where caulking failure occurred.
  4. Moisture will get behind the wood and paint, which leads to peeling of paint, rotting of wood and mildew growth on the surface and inside the home.

Caulking will make the exterior of your home tight and secure.



The hints outlined above are a good guideline to use when determining what type of paint work your home may need heading into the summer season.

Some of our customers’ most popular summer projects include:

  • An exterior paint job with new, modern colors
  • Cleaning and sealing of decks and/or fences to liven the wood and bead up water
  • A thorough pressure washing to eliminate mildew and dirt from your home’s suface

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