Makeover your Home with Stucco Painting

Tips for Revitalizing Your Home with Stucco Painting

30 years ago stucco was never painted.  If you had stucco and you didn’t like your home’s look, you had to tear down and rebuild.

Thankfully, those days are gone.  Technological advances in paint coatings have now made it possible to paint your stucco and get excellent results.


Stucco Painting


Stucco is a durable building material used in many regions across America.   With the popularity of stucco always changing, stucco painting is a way to rejuvenate your exterior without major construction.


Knowing how to paint stucco (and which painting contractor to hire) will provide you with many decorating options.  Below are some helpful hints:


  1. Start with a surface that’s “paint-ready.”  You must remove loose debris and dirt.  A wire brush is the right tool for the job.  Next you must clean the area of any stains.  There are specific stucco cleansing solutions designed to prevent future mildew growth.
  2. Make sure the stucco is dry.  Stucco is porous, which means that the surface may take longer to dry.  Always use a moisture meter to measure the amount of moisture contained in the stucco.  There should be less than 13% moisture in the stucco before you begin painting.
  3. Use specialty caulk or cement to fill large cracks, holes, and voids in the stucco.
  4. Always use a masonry primer/sealer before painting.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that a combination primer/paint is a good choice—you won’t be happy with the short-term results.
  5. Choose a 100% acrylic high-quality flat paint.  In fact, you should get the highest-quality paint available as you need high flexibility and breathability in the coating.  (Note: If the surface is seriously weathered or badly cracked, you will need to hire a professional painter to apply an elastomeric wall coating first.)
  6. Spray on the primer and the paint and then back brush in order to achieve a nice, even coating of paint on the stucco.  Back-brushing is an essential step because it pushes the primer and paint into the surface, including the small holes and mortar joints, which results in an even finish.


If you would like to rejuvenate your stucco without doing all the labor yourself, simply call us and we will guarantee your satisfaction.

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