MDF Featured On Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell

MDF Painting, a local Connecticut painting contractor, is excited to be on the set of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell” in Woodbury, CT. Mark DeFrancesco and his company were chosen by Gordon to paint the Historic Curtis House as part of his plan to turn the hotel around and make the rooms more inviting.

Here were taking this dark hallway that had this really dark oak wood trim, like a dungeon-type color. We’re changing it to a nice white color called Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. This is where George Washington stayed, when he stayed here. The guys have already done quite a bit here. If you looked closely this is what the entire room was, this wallpaper with this floral print.

Mark had to bring in all of his crews to get the job done in just one night. Marlo started stripping the wallpaper already. It’s going to be completely transformed to a much brighter color and the trim is going to create contrast to pop. Inside the bathroom there was an old type of sponge paint that was done. That is going to be adjusted to be something that’s sleek, modern and really natural-filled but as a different color.

This color that you see here is kind of a beige tan color. We brought it to the silvery blue kind of blue grey filled to modernize it. You can see the trim. It’s kind of dingy white and this is this new white that Helder and Don are putting on the door here – the color is Swiss Coffee.

It was a monumental task but they got it done. Here is the finished product. Gordon Ramsay is know for his extremely high standards and so is MDF Painting. Consider using them to paint your home or business.

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