Need Help with Spring Projects?

Spring is finally here!

It has been a long, harsh winter for many of us and it is time to make sure your house and property are in order.

Performing seasonal preventative maintenance on your home is an excellent way to save money and keep your family safe.

Exterior Checklist

Get outside and check things out!

1. Roof

One of the most vital parts of your home is your roof.

The roof is your first level of protection against rain and snow and it must be inspected regularly.

Keep in mind that even a new roof can be damaged by extreme weather changes.

It’s a smart idea to get up on your roof and see if there are any visible damages.

If you have noticed any water damage to your interior ceilings or walls, these would be good places to start looking on the outside to see what’s going on.

Roof leakage is tricky because where you see interior damage isn’t necessarily the exact spot your roof may be leaking, as water travels along many paths.

If you do have a leakage problem, your best bet may be to call a professional.

2.  Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters is more important than most people realize.

Clean gutters are essential to preventing leakage.

If your gutters are clogged with leaves or other debris they will not guide water away from your house.

When this happens foundational saturation or leakage behind your fascia and soffits is common.

3.  Power Washing

Pressure washing certain exterior surfaces will greatly improve their appearance.

Decks, fences, vinyl siding, driveways and patios are all areas that could use a good washing to remove filth including road salt and sand that may have accumulated over the winter.

4.  Caulking

Check all the seals around your windows and doors.

These often become brittle and crack during cold weather.

Deterioration along drip edges and along caulked seams will lead to future damage if not corrected.

When you correct these areas, your home will be better insulated and more energy efficient.

5.  Concrete Cracks

Fill in cracks to your sidewalk, driveway, patio and front steps.

The weather makes your concrete expand and contract, which is not good on the material.

Cracks occur that can trip up visitors.

Fix the cracks before someone gets hurt, or water finds a way to seep in.

6.  Lawn & Exposed Wood

Now is a good time to pull up dead grass and seed it to keep your lawn green.

Also fill in holes that may have sunken over the winter so you can avoid stepping in them or having them fill with standing water that will attract insects.

Grab a screwdriver and probe areas of your house that have exposed wood and are close to the ground.

Water damage and termites can be discovered this way.

Remove any dead trees, bushes and plants.

If you want to replant, make sure this is the right season to plant so your greens will flourish.

7.  Deck Staining

Perform a water test on your deck by soaking the surface and seeing how much of the water beads up.

If any of the water saturates the wood, then your deck needs to be re-stained.

Staining your deck on a regular basis (1-2 years) will not only keep it looking healthy and beautiful but it will also minimize cracking, splintering, insect infestation and wood rot.

8.  Exterior Paint

Peeling paint can really put a damper on your first BBQ party of the season.

Make sure you sand all peeling areas thoroughly with an electric sander, feather the edges to minimize mil thickness variation and prime with a slow-drying oil-based primer.

Interior Checklist

1.  Hot Water Heater

Draining your water heater will help reduce the amount of sediment building up in the water tank, thereby reducing your utility bill and prolonging the life of your water heater.

2.  Interior Paint

Touch up any paint that is peeling or scratched.

If you can get to it and touch it up before a bigger problem occurs, you will save time and money.

3.  Smoke Detectors

Replace batteries in your smoke detector.

This can easily coincide with Daylight Savings Time as an event you will always remember.

4.  Screens

Pay attention to the screens on your windows.

You’ll probably be welcoming fresh air into your home soon, cleaning and repairing these screens will let the fresh air in and keep those annoying bugs out.

5.  Dryer & Washing Machine

Clean your dryer vent and check your washing machine hose.

The hose may crack in cold temps, so check it to make sure it’s not about to leak.

A blocked dryer vent is a fire hazard, so treat it seriously and remember to check it out frequently.

6.  HVAC

HVAC filters come as disposable or reusable.

Either clean your filter, or replace it to keep your air and heat running efficiently.

Remember a few hours on the front-end of things may save you quite a bit of money in the long run, and may also save your home from long-term damage.

If you need help with any of your little maintenance lists, call us today and ask about our maintenance services.


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