New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy!


Most people have so much trouble keeping New Year’s resolutions that they no longer make them. One big reason people never get started is because they lack a simple process for getting started. The other reason people fail to keep resolutions is because they haven’t gotten clear on exactly what they’re trying to achieve.

Here’s a simple process that can help you create your New Year’s resolution list and improve your chances of following through to make them a reality:

1. Make a List of All the Things You’d Like to Change or Achieve, Then Narrow It Down to Your Top Three – This will allow you to focus on the most important changes you want to make. You can always come back to the other items on your list, but for right now, let’s stick with the tree most important ones.

2. Write Out the Main Motivation or the Purpose of Achieving These Changes In your Life – If you want to “lose some weight,” you’re not doing it because you want a different reading on a scale. You probably want to feel better, have more self-confidence, build-up your energy level, or enjoy certain activities to a greater degree. Get clear on the underlying reasons you want to see a change for each resolution.

3. Envision Exactly What Success Looks Like – When your resolution has been realized, what will have changed? How will you feel? Is there a measurement of success? Is there a specific date. Picture it perfectly.

4. Brainstorm All the Ways You Can Make It Happen – Make a list of all the different ideas you have about making your New Year’s resolutions come true.

 5. Turn Your Ideas Into Projects – Most goals are nothing more than a series of small projects you must complete. Look at your brainstorming list and group your “ideas” into small, achievable projects.

6. Take Next Action Steps – Break your projects into smaller, actionable items like “make a call,” “research online,” or “visit the gym” then start checking them off. With each action, you’re one step closer to your goal!

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