Our Post-Job Painting Meeting

The post-job meeting is how we complete a single individual painting job with the residential homeowner. What happens at this meeting? It’s a final walkthrough of the job. The finishing touches have already been performed. It’s a final walkthrough to look for any small details that may need to be fixed.

It’s also a way to finalize the job and make sure you are completely satisfied. We give you our paint warranty information – which is the longest exterior warranty in Connecticut. We give you a nice certificate and paperwork that goes along with the finished product. That way if you ever do sell your house and the time period is within your warranty, you can pass that warranty on to the new homeowner.

We also have a specific system for painting touch ups. There will be something that will happen on a certain part of your house before you expect it to happen, and we want you to call us. We encourage you to. When you call us for a touch up, we bring the paint manufacturer out to the site and we come back with your crew leader so we can see exactly what’s happening, troubleshoot it and correct it for you the right way.

So we have a whole system for keeping our customers happy, which we discuss at the final post-job meeting. We also label all your paint and we leave the leftover paint – so you can perform small touchups on your own. All of this is part of what makes MDF Connecticut’s painting contractor of choice.

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