Pick Colors from Nature!

It seems that nothing is more personal than picking paint colors.

When selecting exterior colors most people stick to the basics:

They may honor history by selecting something from a historical color palette or they may stick to colors that match and complement existing homes in their neighborhood.

Others choose to add size to their home’s appearance by picking light tone colors.

The bold may add drama to their home by adding darker color and bringing attention to certain architectural details.

We recommend something a bit different—look to nature for your inspiration!

The landscape around your home is literally blooming with ideas.

Color is everywhere in nature, so pay attention to the beauty!

Trees usually suggest an earthy palette of various greens and browns.

Ocean settings tend to suggest vivid blues, turquoises, and coral colors.

Even the garden in your yard can inspire fresh and exciting color combinations.

Look for these color tips in Nature:

· Trees and Shrubs: Deep greens, moss colors, browns, and russet

· Water Views: Blues, greens, and turquoise

· Mountains and Cliffs: Greens, grays, and browns

· Deserts: Oranges, reds, golds, and browns

It is important to relax and enjoy the process.

Let Mother Nature lead the way as you look at colors in a unique and exciting way.

Finally, pick your favorite colors and put samples on the exterior surface of your home.

Be sure to view the dried paint samples in the early morning light, during the bright afternoon and at dusk in order to fully appreciate the value of each color.

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