Stay Safe During the Storm This Weekend!

The forecast is calling for some frightful weather this weekend!

Here are some tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe during the storm:

  • Check The Weather Channel and weather.com frequently for weather updates and emergency information.
  • Use extreme caution with electric space heaters. Keep them at least a few feet away from anything flammable, such as drapes, bed sheets or blankets.  Keep a fire extinguisher close by the area in which you plan to use a space heater or kerosene heater.
  • Eat regularly and drink plenty of water, but avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. Instead, drink warm, sweet beverages, or try soups or broths.
  • Wear warm clothing in multiple layers as needed.
  • For adults age 65 and over, maintaining body heat during severe cold can be a concern, thanks to their lower metabolism. Check the temperature in your home often during a winter storm, and check in frequently with older friends and neighbors to ensure they stay warm.
  • Drip all faucets in your home continuously during severe cold to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting.
  • If your pipes have already frozen, don’t try to thaw them out with a torch or other flame. Instead, use a hair dryer to slowly thaw them out.
  • Avoid over-exerting yourself while shoveling snow or performing any other hard work or heavy lifting. Extreme cold puts extra strain on your heart and cardiovascular system, so heed your doctor’s advice if you have experienced any signs of heart disease or high blood pressure in the past.
  • Avoid ice wherever possible.


Find more info at: http://www.weather.com/safety/winter/storms-during-the-storm-20120416

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