Step #2: Lay drop cloths

Attention Homeowners! Do you have a DIY painting project? It’s time for Step # 2 to help you achieve a professional, long-lasting, quality paint job!

Lay drop cloths and tape floor edges! Sounds easy, right? Think again, we know some of you’ve fumbled with these drop cloths and wanted to give up before you got started! How is it you got paint on the floor when you put a drop cloth down! Check out these professional tips:

Protect your carpet with blue painters tape by running the tape about 1/2″ onto the face of the baseboard and push it down under the base with a wallpaper smoothing tool. (Don’t use a putty knife, that will cut the tape when you’re forcing it down.)

Lay drop cloths over the floor and on top of the tape.
We recommend investing in canvas drop cloths to protect your floors. We know you’re probably tempted to substitute with cheap plastic sheeting, but, canvas stays put and provides a non-slip surface. It’s best to buy a couple of 9′ x 12′ drop cloths, but, if you prefer, you could buy just one and move it around to follow you painting.

Remove all switch plate covers.
Put tape over all outlets and switches.
Cover any hardware, such as doorstops and hinges.
Remove knobs and door strike plates.

Good luck!

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