Michele Tondalo

Dear Mark,
From one business professional to another, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with you and your company. I’m not sure if you realize this (though you may); that the appearance, presentation and professional manner you project through yourself and your employees is exceptional. It is the little things that you do that really make all the difference in the world; here are a few examples of what I found to most impressive about MDF Painting & Power Washing:
When you first came to my house to give me a quote on the work I wanted done, you were neatly dressed, organized, attentive, answered all of my questions and gave me your professional opinion on other things that I may or may not want to do.
The packet of information that you sent in the mail not only included the typed quote for the job, but also included a copy of your business license, liability insurance and compliments from customers who you previously did work for.
The professionalism of your workers was outstanding. They were cordial, neat and conscientious about doing a complete job. When they were finished, I was surprised to find my home exactly the way it was before they started, i.e. the furniture was even back in place.
The use of the quality assurance customer assessment form to obtain customer feedback. This demonstrates that job performance is vital to you and your company’s success and that you welcome criticism in order to improve your service to consumers if needed.
I absolutely love the job that was done in my living room, entryway and foyer and the color is everything that I imagined it would be! I can’t wait to have my kitchen re-painted, so you can be sure that I will be calling you again soon.
In addition, I gave your name and phone number to several people I work with, so you may be getting phone calls from them in the near future. I referred you because I realize the importance of “word of mouth” for business owners such as you and the fact is that you truly stand by your company motto: “Honesty, Integrity, Excellence.”
Thank you for everything including a most pleasant experience! I wish you continued success with MDF Painting and Power Washing and look forward to doing business with you again.
Yours Truly,

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