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What does excellence mean for us at MDF painting? I think more than anything else it can be summed up as constant and never ending improvement. What does that mean? It means helping our customers in any way that we possibly can. From offering the longest warranty on exterior painting in the state of Connecticut to giving them better and better painting materials. We stay current with market trends and all the new painting products that are released. We continue with trying to help our crew leaders grow and learn, and just really have a great sense of pride in the work that they do.

So for us it’s about building better and better systems. What we were five years ago is different than what we were ten years ago, is different than what we were 15 years ago. Every year we’re constantly trying to improve on our systems which ultimately lead to happier customers and happier crew members. “Can I” is constant and never ending improvement. It just stands for constant and never ending improvement, “C-A-N I, Can I.” For us that’s something that we live by. Something as small as our estimate packets or our job planning packets. They can improve every single year. We sit down with this thing in our off season and try to make them better so that the customer has a better and better experience.

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