When is it time to repaint the exterior of my home?

When is it time to repaint the exterior of my home?

The best time to paint your house is before the current coating starts to crack or peel.

Premium solid stains generally last 7-9 years and premium acrylic/waterborne paints can last 10+ years when the substrate is properly prepared.

Tips to help increase the longevity of your Paint Job:

1)      Regular pressure washing:

Many homeowners fear that pressure washing their home on a regular basis will cause the existing paint to be stripped from the substrate—this is absolutely false.  Professional pressure washing companies use a variety of cleansing solutions and PSI settings (pounds per square inch of pressure) to only remove mold, mildew, algae and surface dirt, while leaving the coating secure.  If mold spores and algae are left on your home, they will deteriorate the surface coating which will lead to premature paint failure.

2)      Use high-quality products but even higher-quality labor:

Only consider the highest-quality paints by each manufacturer.  As of 2014, we recommend Sherwin-Williams “Emerald” and Benjamin Moore’s “Aura” for most exterior projects that require an acrylic coating.

When hiring a painting contractor, do your due diligence.  Not all painting contracts are created equal.  Be sure your painter spells out the exact details of their preparation work including man hours of sanding required and specific materials used on the job-site.

The quality of the preparation work (sanding, glazing, caulking, filling and carpentry) along with the type of primer used are two of the most important factors in determining how long an exterior paint job will last.

Why invest in premium paint and hundreds of man hours of labor if your painter fails to use the best caulk, epoxy fillers, glaze and primer?

Ask your painter to include the manufacturer, brand and product name of all soft supplies, paints and primers in your contract.  Keep in mind that having a respected brand like Benjamin Moore is not enough—as Benjamin Moore creates contractor-grade products as well as premium products. Know exactly what is being used on your home.

Finally, don’t let your paint start to crack and peel before you call your painting contractor.  Painting before the surface peels is like preventative maintenance on a car—it helps protect your home and extends the life of your coating.

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