Why Choose Low-VOC Paint?

Why Choose Low-VOC Paint?


When deciding what to use for your project it is important to start by learning the basic chemical components of paint.


Paint contains three different types of chemicals: binders, pigments, and solvents.


The binders allow the paint to adhere to a surface, the pigments give the paint its color, and the solvents keep the paint liquid until it is applied.


Although all types of interior and exterior paint contain all three components, not all paint is the same.


Less-expensive and lower-quality brands often contain significantly higher concentrations of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which may lead to harmful side effects.


There are two major benefits of selecting high-quality, low-VOC paint:


1)      Health Benefits
Simply stated: VOCs are harmful to your health!


Most VOCs in paint products are found within the solvent.


The solvent is designed to dry out after a short period of time, which means that VOCs evaporate directly off of the freshly painted surface.


When paint is applied to the interior of your home or commercial space, this means that the VOCs can contaminate the indoor air, which can lead to respiratory problems and a variety of other health issues.


Low-VOC paints use alternative solvents, often with a waterborne base, to reduce the concentration of toxic chemicals.


Selecting low-VOC paints will guarantee your air quality and the safety and health of your family and employees.


2)     Environmental Protection
When you have the exterior of your home or business painted, you should still consider using low-VOC paints.


Since the amount of paint used to cover a building’s exterior can be very large, using certain inferior paints can saturate the surrounding air with VOCs.


Additionally, some high-VOC paints can continue leeching contaminants into the air for many years after their initial application.


To keep harmful chemicals from entering your local watershed and ecosystem, always use low-VOC paints for exterior applications.


If you hire us to paint the interior or exterior of your home or commercial building, we can help you choose environmentally friendly, low-VOC paints.


If you are in our service area, please call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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