Why Our Painting Employees Are So Amazing

People always asked me why your employees are so great, why do they work so hard? The truth is, it’s hard work finding great employees, but it’s something that it’s continuous, we constantly recruit even when we have great crew leaders.

For us the hiring process is one of the most important things we do here at MDF. One model that we follow is hire slow and fire fast. What does that mean? It basically means that when we first meet a potential employee, we really want to do everything we can to weed out the great employees from the rest of the field.

Typically over the course of the year, we get over 300 hundred applications from people who want to paint and we actually only hire four to five new crew leaders every year. What do we do to select them? Basically we do a background test and drug test as part of the actual application process. That happens before they even get to interview with us.

As part of the interview process, they meet with our foreman, our customer service manager, myself and they go through a multi-faceted interview which ends up with them usually doing some ongoing training because we require an OSHA 10 before we can bring anyone on board.

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