Another Raving Fan From Cheshire CT

Mark: I’m here with Diane from Cheshire, Connecticut. How did you decide you wanted to use MDF painting?

Diane Cheshire: Well Mark, we decided to go with you because you had done some previous work for us on a house that we owned. We were so pleased with the meticulous job that you did there that we decided to have you come to our new place and do some painting here for us.

Mark: And how did this job go? How do you feel about this job?

Diane Cheshire: Awesome. Working with your painting crew was just phenomenal. Very professional, very courteous, very accommodating. Anything I asked them to do was done very willingly. They were spotless, cleaned up after themselves, movee all the furniture and put then put all the furniture back. It was a wonderful experience. And your expertise in helping me pick colors was also invaluable because I don’t have a good eye for picking colors. So I trusted your judgement. All in all it was a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend MDF to other people.

Mark: Thank you very much.

Diane Cheshire: My pleasure.

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